List of MicroDermal Pigmentation Services:

  Also known as Permanent Makeup, Permanent Cosmetics, Micro-Cosmetics, Tattoo Make-up etc...  
All procedures are performed with numbing products applied consistantly throughout each procedure.
More than one area can be completed at the same time, depending on the tolerance of the client.

Natural Enhancement is pigmentation implanted into the dermis layer of the skin restoring it's natural appearance.
It is a 2 week initial healing period. The pigment continues to change and heal for 6-8 weeks depending on the procedure.

Eyebrows This procedure consists of implanting the chosen shade of pigment into the dermis layer using hair stroke techniques and shading techniques to
create the natural look desired.

Eyeliner The chosen shade of pigment is implanted on the rim of the eye in the lash line creating a more youthful look. 

Mucosal Tissue (inner lower eye rim) is performed upon request for a dramatic look. This covers the most inner rim of tissue of the lower eye lid with
a chosen color. These Eyeliner procedures can be performed all at the same time upon choosing the pigment, they are completed with the eye closed.

Lip liner, Full lip color These procedures are performed after the correct shade of color is chosen, done with the lips closed. 
Lip liner is on the edge of the lip which can enhance lips for a fuller look.
Full lip color is essential for the utmost youthful look of the lips. Both procedures are performed together. 

Medical Tattooing procedures are those due to scars, surgeries, mastectomy, trauma, vitiligo, birth defects, accidents, burn victims, hair loss, chemo etc...

Areola Restoration is common in all races of women for many reasons. The youthful appearance is restored no matter the level of damage to the tissue,
scarring, pigment loss, and change in its color.

Scar Camoflauge is common in all areas ie; breasts due to mastectomy, breast lift and reduction scars, vitiligo, discoloration due to trauma from surgeries.
Face scars, hands, head scars can be covered with hair color. vitiligo can be tattooed with skin color pigment creating a more even appearance.

Eyelash Lift gives eyelashes significant color and curl lasting several months. A Perm and Color solution will be applied to the lashes,
minimalizing the need for mascara. This procedure is done with eyes closed.

Consultations are free.

Disclosures are signed, pigments are chosen, procedures are discussed in depth.
A deposit is required upon scheduling a procedure which will be applied to the procedure cost.

Cancellations need to be  done in a timely manner or deposit is subject to be non refundable.
Cancellation policy is as follows: A 48 hour (2 days) notice is needed to cancel or reschedule a procedure otherwise all deposits will not be refunded.

Touch up procedures may not be necessary and are Not included in initial costs. 
Additional fees with be applied for additional work performed, keeping initial costs low.

 If you are subject to cold sores and are having lip work done, Please take your medications prior to procedure and continue throughout healing period. 
 - If contact lenses are worn, Please remove prior to procedure and bring glasses to wear during healing period. - 

  Also Available - Professional Massage Therapy  
Massage Therapy since 1997 - Trained and experienced in Medical Massage, Rehabilitation, Injury, Post Trauma, Whiplash, Sciatica relief, Sports Injury,
Pre & Post Event, Deep Tissue, Soft Tissue, Side Lying, Relaxation, Maternity, Target Areas, Full Body, Half Body, All Ages.

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